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XRP games

- Build brand awareness through trivia

- Promote your products and services

- Market upcoming promo campaigns

- Teach customers about new features

- Increase your social network following

- Help 9 community supported charities

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why sponsor the xrp games?

If it's crypto related, you are on Twitter and you want to increase your brands exposure, then sponsoring the XRP Games is the perfect way to do it! Even better than that...we handle everything.

We can help build your brand by inviting your new and existing customers and followers to play a good old fashioned game of trivia where the questions are all about YOU!

#WeMarketYourBrand + #PlayersResearch  = #BrandAwareness

The XRP Games can help:

  • Introduce your brand to new customers

  • Educate customers about your products and services

  • Promote upcoming campaigns or promotions

  • Teach your customers about product features

  • Increase your social network following

  • Grow the overall customer engagement with your brand

who can sponsor a game?

Sponsorship is available to any company or individual with an online presence in the crypto community and a Twitter account.


Suitable sponsors include but aren't limited to:

  • Exchanges

  • Wallets

  • Websites

  • Artists

  • Designers

  • Bloggers

  • You Tubers

  • Content Creators

#SocialMedia + #YourBrandOnDisplay = #IncreasedBrandExposure

If your passion is crypto, so is ours! Whatever it is you bring to this ever evolving world, get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

what's the cost to sponsor?

Our sponsorship packages vary depending on your needs and how many questions you would like to have all about you. 

You can choose anywhere from 2 - 10 questions which ranges from 50 - 250 XRP. Games are played over 72 hours and include 10 questions so any questions that are not sponsored in your game will be business as usual and either #Crypto or #Cosmos related questions.

#You + # XRPgamesSponsorship = #MicroDonationBigHeart

40% of your sponsorship contribution is evenly split among 9 community supported Good Souls Group charities that do amazing things across the world and the community will have you to thank.


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A Typical #XRPgames Week

Example Question - #BitrueExchange


Visit the XRP Games page to

learn more about The XRP Games.

Visit our Charities page to

learn more about the good souls group.


The XRP Games sponsorship terms of service: 1. Due Diligence ~ Potential sponsors are subject to due diligence and vetting checks to ensure their crypto related product or service meets a reasonable standard of trust and integrity before the sponsor is deemed to be suitable. The Crypto Cosmos reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship request if the potential sponsor does not meet those standards. 2. Sponsorship Fee ~ The sponsorship fee is required to be paid in full prior to the agreed scheduled announcement of the upcoming game. Failure to do this will result in cancellation of the game and a regular game will commence in its place. 3. Sponsored Questions ~ The Crypto Cosmos is responsible for writing all sponsored questions but will send them to the sponsor to vet and approve them to ensure they are correctly aligned with the true features of the sponsors product and or service (subject to the same checks as term 1).