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The XRP games lightspeed edition ⚡


Lightspeed is a revamped version of the original XRP Games. You may have come across or even played the original version if you are an OG follower of mine. In the old game, players had to pay 1 XRP each to enter before it started. I would then tweet 10 questions (about Crypto and the Cosmos) over 72 hours and the players had to answer them quickly and correctly which earned them points. Long story short, the quickest answers earned the highest points and at the end of 10 questions, the 3 highest places won a share of the XRP prize pool and the rest of the pot went to crypto charities.


In Lightspeed Edition, YOU DO NOT PAY to enter, the game sponsor does! Lightspeed is run more like a giveaway, where players complete tasks set out in the game tweets, such as following the sponsor, retweeting the tweet etc..BUT to keep the fun aspect of the XRP Games alive, there will be a link to this website at the bottom of the tweet where the players will find some multiple choice questions they need to answer in order to win.


Time! The old version lasted 3 days which was a long time. Lightspeed will only last minutes or hours! Twitter is also unfortunately full of bots that pray on tweets that include words such as like, retweet or follow etc BUT bots cannot follow a link to a website and correctly answer a group of multiple choice questions, can they? This makes the giveaways more legit for the participants and that way the prize money is always going to a real person, making the giveaway #Legit!



In traditional Twitter giveaways, there would usually be one single tweet posted mentioning the sponsor and asking From a sponsors point of view, there will no longer be only one single tweet that they get mentioned in asking contestants to follow their business or social media profile, there will be several! Different sponsorship packs include different amounts of questions and also determine the game run time. Every question posted during the game is a brand new tweet at a different time of day.

Literally everyone wins!


The Crypto Cosmos will start the game on Twitter. Like the usual Twitter giveaway, players will have to follow the sponsors, retweet and tag friends or complete other similar tasks depending on the sponsors needs. 

You might have heard of or maybe even played the XRP Games on Twitter before but Lightspeed Edition is more fun than any trivia game you've ever played and more rewarding that any cash giveaway you've ever entered! The XRP Games Lightspeed gives players fairer odds of winning the $$$, removing the ability for bots to win and sponsors far greater  exposure and growth through several tweets throughout the game campaign. Literally everyone wins!

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The $XRP Games - Hall of Fame


Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Game 6:

Game 7:

Game 8:

Heard of The XRP Games on Twitter? A new game

is just around the corner. It's trivia time! Check out the XRP Games page to find out how to play.

the $xrp games

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The $XRP Games - payouts


202.2 XRP


134.8 XRP

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 Attention Crypto Twitter

The Crypto Cosmos would like to officially invite you to battle it out in The $XRP Games, giving you a

chance to have some fun, win some $XRP and most importantly, support nine amazing charities 🙌


Bragging rights can only go to the victorious but supporting this amazing cause makes everyone a winner!


"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud". ~ Maya Angelou

​​​​​How does it work?

First, head over to Twitter and follow ~ @CryptoCosmos_ to catch all $XRP Games updates. We will

announce all upcoming games and post all $XRP Games questions and content through this channel.

Once a new game is announced, players can confirm their entry in the upcoming game by sending

1 $XRP to @CryptoCosmos_ using the @XRPtipbot before the entry cut off time. As soon as the Zerp is

correctly sent, you're in! If you're logged in to the tip bot now you can 1 click buy in below. 👇


Now you've entered, you could choose to sit back and relax and wait for the game, however at this

point I would highly recommend push ups and brain games to train yourself in preparation for battle.


"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting". ~ Sun Tzu

​Once the game starts, you'll need to watch your Twitter feed for the questions. During a game, The

Crypto Cosmos will tweet 10 separate questions from a range topics. SPOILER ALERT! Topics will

include anything relating to Crypto or the Cosmos! Who'd have guessed it?!

In each question, the first 10 players to reply with the correct answer will earn points. 10 points will be

awarded to the player that is 1st to correctly answer, through to 1 point for the 10th player based on

the order the answers are submitted.

Max points = Speed x Genius


At the end of the 10 questions, the 3 players with the highest overall points win a share of the $XRP pool.


This will be announced after the game ends and shortly after that, the payouts begin. 💲🙌

How much XRP CAN i win?

The share of the total $XRP pool will be sent to the winners as follows:

1st Place ~ 35%

2nd Place ~ 20%

3rd Place ~ 5%

The remaining 40% of the $XRP pool will be donated to the Good Souls Group which will be

automatically split among all the eight community supported charities that they represent.

It goes without saying...but the more XRP in the pool, the more that goes to the winners and

to the charities. Spread the word and get your friends and followers involved. RT EVERY TWEET!

Are you ready for the ultimate $XRP glory?

Head to Twitter and follow @CryptoCosmos_ because a new game is just around the corner.

​Winners and grinners...don't forget to tip your host ~ @XRPaul_

"Do or do not. There is no try". ~ Yoda

New to the XRPtipbot? View the how to guide here: https://www.xrptipbot.com/howto

or watch the below video courtesy of one of our favourite #XRPcommunity members ~


@XRP_Productions ​(XRP the Standard Productions)

rules / terms & conditions


~ All $XRP Games questions will be posted on Twitter by @CryptoCosmos_ ~

~ All $XRP Games are played over a 72 hour (3 day) period ~

~ Questions will be posted at different times of the day to be fair to all participating earthlings ~

~ Points will only be awarded to players that have paid their entry fee ~

~ Players will not be awarded multiple points for multiple correct answers in any 1 question ~

~ In the event of a tie, the % of $XRP will be combined and evenly split among the tied places ~

~ Twitter is worldwide, please be sure to pay attention to entry cut off times ~

~ We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Posted times are based on this time zone ~

* Rules, terms and conditions are subject to change *


As the games grow, so might the winners circle.

If you have comments or questions, head to the contact us page or DM us on Twitter.

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game 7 has ended... stay tuned

for game 8 announcements


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