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cash and crypto giveaways

at The crypto cosmos, we specialize in promoting your social

media accounts through sponsored cash & crypto giveaways.


sponsoring a giveaway can significantly increase your

following and best of all, it helps make someone's day!


Whether you are an emerging business  building your brand, a content creator

entertaining your subscribers, or simply   want more followers on your personal

accounts, we  can help you get rapid growth on any of the following platforms...

⚛ Twitter ⚛

⚛ You Tube ⚛

⚛ Instagram ⚛

⚛ Telegram ⚛

⚛ Facebook ⚛

⚛ Blog ⚛

⚛ Twitch ⚛

⚛ Website ⚛

did we forget to mention that we specialize in cryptocurrency?

the crypto cosmos can also help you promote your exchange, your

wallet or even help you launch your blockchain project or ICO!

With packages  ranging   from $5 to $1,000...

Cosmic Giveaways has  your business

& personal   accounts   covered!

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Making somebody's day one giveaway    at a time!

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