WHy are we here?

The Crypto Cosmos vision is to be a one stop information hub for newcomers to the Crypto space!


Grasping the concept of how Crypto works is one thing, but combine that with the thousands of projects and investment oportunities on the market and it's actually quite mind blowing. CMC currently have data on almost 7,000 cryptocurrencies...WOW! This could easily deter someone away from the possibility of an early retirement and that's just not cool!


There are a lot of people who like to tell you what to buy and where to invest your money, and let's be honest, they ain't even shy about it. If it suits their own investment agendas, they'll shill you just about anything! Is it possible they're shilling you a winner, sure, but there's a term you'll hear a lot in Crypto and that's DYOR (do your own research), and it's the best advice you'll ever get.

Our aim here is to provide our users with the best tools to use and websites to visit to kick off your research and help get you started! Start now by visiting our Encryptopedia page to learn about all the common crypto phrases, acronyms and slang that makes its way around the Crypto community.

So what's with the whole Cosmos aspect of the website? We are simply fascinated by space! Combine that fascination with the thought of your favorite Crypto project going to the moon and beyond and I'm sure you'll appreciate the endless potential of the Cosmos as much as we do.

WHat does our future look like?

We're constantly developing new aspects of the website and implementing new tools and features to get a new investor headed in the right direction. The hope is that in the future, we'll have eventually built everything you'll need to start your journey to the moon! T minus 10...

Upcoming updates and features to be implemented on our site include:


  1. A page to view the Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap and keep track of prices

  2. A page dedicated reviews of some leading worldwide Crypto exchanges

  3. A page dedicated to the best Wallets to help keep your money safe

  4. Info on where you can earn free Crypto (minus the fake news & scams that exist out there)

  5. An online shop where we plan to sell some nifty products relevant to, you guessed it...

  Crypto & The Cosmos 🚀

Want to support us?

The Crypto Cosmos is a free community focused website and our mission is to help welcome and educate newcomers to the crypto revolution by providing tools, resources and links to some of the best crypto products and services in the cosmos. We are building the website as we go and are constantly adding new content.


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how are we doing so far?

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  Thanks for stopping by, please enjoy your stay! ❤