As the leaders in astronomy suggest, the Cosmos is never ending and full of infinite

undiscovered worlds and the possibility of a multiverse. this presents a unique

opportunity to astronomers who are willing to and explore the unknown.


The very same thing can be said about Crypto, where we are only beginning to scratch the

surface of how far blockchain technology can advance us and solve real world problems.

The evolution of crypto since inception in 2009 has already shown us there

is a unique investment opportunity here for those willing to explore it as well!

"Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn in to innovation". ~ Dean Kamen

WElcome to the crypto cosmos

Here are some cool space facts. how many did you know?

Did you know...

Jupiter's giant red spot is a storm

that has been raging for 3 centuries.

crypto top 100

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Here you will be able to view the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

How do you choose where to buy and sell

your crypto? We'll show you some of the best exchanges out there and which features you should look our for when deciding.

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busting A - Z crypto encyclopedia.

Now that you're a proud crypto investor, you need to protect your investment. What are the different type of Crypto wallets on the market and which suit your investment strategy? 


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The XRP Games is a trivia game ran on Twitter. 10 questions over 3 days makes for a round

the clock game of wit and endurance where both you and charity can win XRP.


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There are some amazing charities all around the world that accept crypto donations.

Come and see where you can make a

huge difference with a micro donation.

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The Crypto Cosmos

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